Our Story

Strong Foundation, Bright Future

We began in 2002 with the simple intent of assisting small businesses and insurance agents and brokers to negotiate the rising rates of workers' compensation. We offered our expertise and our proprietary tools to audit, manage, discount, resolve claims, and to consolidate employee classifications, lower clients' modification rates, and drastically improve their insurance premiums. We quickly realized this was not our end game; our clients needed more than the solutions we provided. They needed the continuous support and guidance to help them get the most out of our services.

So we grew and added sophisticated Risk, Performance & Project Management expertise to our solutions. Our unique approach in engaging with our clients on strategic, tactical, practical, and technical levels helped us recommend improved operational solutions for our clients and deliver better and faster results.

Client demands weren't done and we were not done growing. We saw opportunities to do more for our clients and help them establish themselves as thought leaders, innovators, and sustainability managers in a variety of business environments. That helped us become trusted advisors. We brought in experts in cyber security and software developmental improvement, and strategic communications and planning, enabling us to help our clients by delivering the right solutions to their problems. We are now a company equipped with the best possible infrastructure, tools, and means to deliver the best possible solutions.

We Are Bluefire Risk Consultants, LLC
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