Leading Our Organization

With over 25 years in the healthcare industry, our CEO is a thought leader that excels on relationship building and directing the development and management of complex self-funded and capital improvement projects based on healthcare products and financial, reinsurance, and underwriting knowledge. She ensures that these projects successfully implement clients' goals by customizing existing environment and tools to meet sophisticated needs. Our CEO serves as our Strategic Planning & Communication, Governance, and Transformation & Modernization lead consultant.

Our Director of Cyber Security and Software Analysis serves as our Cyber & IT Developmental Enhancement consultant and retains responsibility for designing, architecture, migration, and securing a variety of systems. This includes migrations from on-premise legacy infrastructure to cloud, and cloud to on-premise infrastructure. Responsible for overhauling the entire client operational flow to follow safe and secure industry-best practices, as well as complying with all client statutory guidelines including HIPAA. In addition, our Director is responsible for the immediate actionable response in case of a cyber ransom attack and guides our advanced penetration testing services to determine weaknesses in network and human environment, computer systems, and applications.

Our Director of Risk Management and Client Operations serves as our Risk, Performance, & Project Management consultant. In over 35 years of diverse experience he has developed and managed the formulation of multinational strategic business objectives in all industries by developing, implementing, and utilizing sophisticated "out-of-the-box" solutions matted with management information systems. He is responsible for delivering fully customized solutions; from reducing insurance premiums to building strategic alliances of diverse interests and enhancing fiscal growth and longevity.

Our legacy, the Auditing and Claims business, is directed by a 30-year veteran of multinational Fortune 500 insurance companies. With experience in the regulatory environment of all states, he has been successful in delivering solutions that exceed clients' expectations in insurance premium reductions. Specializing in workers' compensation and through proprietary tools, he offers unique solutions that allow any employer to medically identify soft tissue work-related injuries before they happen.

Solutions – Delivered